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This one’s from Go Skate Day. After he won the high ollie contest we ended up skating around town. Dylan loves these benches hahah.
Dylan Nahrwold - Front Board Fakie

Behind the scenes with the homies Felipe & Rey.
Rey - Front 5050

All around radical ripper, Bern ollie’s into the brick unknown.
Bern Iseli - Ollie

Scotty is one of the best dudes. A real friend and a real shredder.
Scotty Simmons - Front 5050

Bern is one of the best dudes ever. Some of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in my life have happened whenever I hang out with Bern (such as a car explosion). One day he’ll blow up and get the recognition he deserves.
Bern Iseli - Nollie Flip

One of the first portraits I’ve shot in a while. Holden’s a friend of mine/international superstar. He wanted a few headshots for his acting agency.
Holden Drew - Blue Steel

Sonny shreds transition of all kinds. He was hyped on this pool and with an eclectic mix of shredders in attendance he was compelled by stoked to Back Scratch this wall.
Sonny Rodriguez - Backside Scratch
You can see more of my work via instagram: @jaycubisrad

I love Deven. He’s my boi and he’s got a unique trick selection. Here he demonstrates a Heel Monster.
Deven Williams - Heel Monster.

You never know what you’re going to see in LA. As I was driving back from a spot with my friend Bern, we noticed someone skating The Muska Rail and had to take a look. It ended up being my friends Jason and Maurice, who I met Damn Am earlier in the year. Maurice got dem skills.
Maurice Jordan - Noseslide