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Not one of my better photos, but he worked hard for this. Sorry I blew it Ricky.
Ricky Martinez - Hardflip

Ever since I saw Daewon Vs H20 I’ve been trying to get my friends to skate anything related to water. We were at the right time and the right place, Ducky was down. After figuring it out (lots of wax), he tail slid it no problem.
Ducky - Front Tail

I’ve had the pleasure to go skate with Franky a few times and I’m always impressed by what he can do. He popped over this sign every single time. There’s a few people out there who were born with something a little bit more than others, Franky is definitely one of em.
Franky Villani - Ollie

Franky killed it this weekend. He Bennett grinds with ease and style. He casually did this in his run and landed it every try.
Franky Villani - Bennett Grind

What’s up followers! Finally home after a long weekend at Damn Am Costa Mesa!! I’ve got tons of photos of all the homies!! Congrats to my boy Jamie Foy for placing 4th!
Jamie Foy - Back Smith

So it was foretold that no one could skate this bump over bar without having somebody tow you in. Kevin saw that as a challenge and man-powered his way to this ollie.
Kevin Richart - Ollie

I’ve been dying to get a photo on a truck of some sort. Last night I had that opportunity and made it happen. After lurking around the ice cream distribution center, Ryan and I saw our chance. We waxed up the back bumper and Ryan casually hopped on this front fifty.
Ryan Elsasser - Front 5050

Lately we’ve been having pleasant sunsets in So Cal and I always try to capitalize on them. Fortunately everything worked out and Jesse got this feeble after puttin’ in some work.
Jesse Flores - Back Feeble

I found this spot at my college sometime last year. I knew it was do-able and had a few people in mind to huck. Japher Pastrana was the first the ollie it, soon after Daniel Iyotte ollie’d it was well. Yesterday Jesse became the first to throw a trick down this behemoth.
Jesse Flores - Heelflip

Jesse takes the road less traveled and goes up one of the most famous spots in Fullerton. 
Jesse Flores - Ollie.