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Zach just moved into his first apartment. He had absolutely zero furniture. Thanks to a mutual friend we were able to snag this couch. You can follow the adventures of the couch on instagram @orangecouchchronicles2 . 

Ben’s backyard is insanely gnarly. I couldn’t even touch the china bank if I tried hahah. Sonny makes it looks easy.
Sonny Rodriguez - Lien Talslide
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

Behind the scenes with your favorite Floridians. Jamie rips and Zach is one heck of a filmer. They also just so happen to be the funnest duo around haha. Jamie’s HD part is in the works!
Jame Foy - Back Feeble
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

A candid of my friend Nate Gavin. He missed his trick, and kinda sat down for a second in reflection. I just shot the photo not thinking nor realizing this would be one of my favorite photos of the whole trip.
Nate Gavin
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

Hearing him roll up to this resonated with the sound of raw power. Stevie charged this Ollie like no other.
Stevie Wilson - Ollie
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

I’ve driven past this spot for years and always dreamed “someday someone will skate that”. This particular time when we drove by, things were different. Bo screamed with excitement “is that skateable?!?”. From that moment I knew it was going down.
Bo Mitchell - Drop in
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

Dominic is visiting down here from Georgia and he seriously loves the skate scene in California. He’s pretty much down to skate whatever. I showed him photos of this spot and he was weary of what he wanted to do. We showed up and this fence was in the way. Which we thought totally would ruin the sesh, however he looked at it confidently and knew he could hop over it. A few tries later he put it down.
Dominic Laborde - Ollie
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

Nate’s quite the talented dude. He’s the ideal example of hard work and dedication. After growing up in Upstate New York he skated consistently and saved up enough money to make the move to California. Years later he’s seen here Back Bluntsliding in SF.
Nate Gavin - Back Bluntslide
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

This was a fun day, and my first time meeting NKA. Zach’s currently working on a video part with Nigel so keep your eyes peeled for it! Here’s Zach’s homage to Aaron Suski.
Zach Doelling - Suski Grind
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

After talking it up for quite some time, Ducky stepped up and 5050’d this 18 at his school. I can’t say I’m surprised. He’s always been good at big rails. This one came easy.
Ducky - Front 5050
Instagram: @jaycubphoto