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Finally home after a solid week of skateboarding and photos in SF.

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After a week in SF I’m happy to be home. My friends and I owe a big thank you to my friend Nathan Peterson for letting us stay at his place and showing us around the city. He’s moving to Thailand in a month to study abroad so I’m thankful I had the opportunity to get a few photos of him before he left.

You’ll be seeing a lot more Zach, he’s a radical ripper who I’ve had the chance to skate with a bunch more lately. You might recognize this spot from Geoff Rowley’s new vans ad. This thing has zero runway, which shuts down many a street shredders. However every now and then someone steps to the challenge.
Zach Doelling - Noseslide

This one’s from Go Skate Day. After he won the high ollie contest we ended up skating around town. Dylan loves these benches hahah.
Dylan Nahrwold - Front Board Fakie

Behind the scenes with the homies Felipe & Rey.
Rey - Front 5050

All around radical ripper, Bern ollie’s into the brick unknown.
Bern Iseli - Ollie

Scotty is one of the best dudes. A real friend and a real shredder.
Scotty Simmons - Front 5050

Bern is one of the best dudes ever. Some of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in my life have happened whenever I hang out with Bern (such as a car explosion). One day he’ll blow up and get the recognition he deserves.
Bern Iseli - Nollie Flip

One of the first portraits I’ve shot in a while. Holden’s a friend of mine/international superstar. He wanted a few headshots for his acting agency.
Holden Drew - Blue Steel