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Beto is a down to earth dude who skates for the love. He doesn’t care about the industry nor is ever worried about getting “sponsored”. He’s earned my absolute respect. Click through for my instagram.
Beto Mercado - Backside Ollie

Couldn’t ever figure out how to shoot this spot. After my 3rd time shooting here I finally shot something I liked hahah. 3rd times the charm.
Splee - Ollie

Chris (also known as Splee) is super sick. He’s a mellow ripper and his style channels a bit of Provost. I wasn’t able to shoot the wallie in, so I guess you’ll just have to wait for the footy.
Splee - Wallie Back 5050

Anonymous : I am so proud of you. You've accomplished so much in such little time. Having ups but also downs with everything you do, helps so much. It has shaped you to be the person and photographer you are today. Please always keep chasing your dreams and no matter how hard things become, remember why you started in the first place,

Thank you. A part of me will always be grateful that I wasn’t born with the same lifestyle and opportunities most people my age. I learned early on what it meant to chase a dream. I guess we’ll see where it takes me.

I couldn’t help but be surprised at how easily Aaron ripped Flower Shop. I can barely comprehend Tailblock’s let alone on a wall I can barely kickturn.
Aaron Wical - Frontside Tailblock.

Josh is one cool cat. Came all the way from Texas to Switch Flip everything in his path.
Josh Love - Switch Flip

The obligatory John Hill portrait.

Travis is the Theotis Beasley of Yorba Linda with more sponsors than your average flow kid. Hahah but in all honesty he rips.
Travis Harrison - Hardflip

All around ripper and good guy John Hill doing flip trick maneuvers over 7 stair handrails. 
John Hill - Switch Backside Flip