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I’ve had the pleasure to go skate with Franky a few times and I’m always impressed by what he can do. He popped over this sign every single time. There’s a few people out there who were born with something a little bit more than others, Franky is definitely one of em.
Franky Villani - Ollie

Franky killed it this weekend. He Bennett grinds with ease and style. He casually did this in his run and landed it every try.
Franky Villani - Bennett Grind

What’s up followers! Finally home after a long weekend at Damn Am Costa Mesa!! I’ve got tons of photos of all the homies!! Congrats to my boy Jamie Foy for placing 4th!
Jamie Foy - Back Smith

So it was foretold that no one could skate this bump over bar without having somebody tow you in. Kevin saw that as a challenge and man-powered his way to this ollie.
Kevin Richart - Ollie

I’ve been dying to get a photo on a truck of some sort. Last night I had that opportunity and made it happen. After lurking around the ice cream distribution center, Ryan and I saw our chance. We waxed up the back bumper and Ryan casually hopped on this front fifty.
Ryan Elsasser - Front 5050

Lately we’ve been having pleasant sunsets in So Cal and I always try to capitalize on them. Fortunately everything worked out and Jesse got this feeble after puttin’ in some work.
Jesse Flores - Back Feeble

I found this spot at my college sometime last year. I knew it was do-able and had a few people in mind to huck. Japher Pastrana was the first the ollie it, soon after Daniel Iyotte ollie’d it was well. Yesterday Jesse became the first to throw a trick down this behemoth.
Jesse Flores - Heelflip

Jesse takes the road less traveled and goes up one of the most famous spots in Fullerton. 
Jesse Flores - Ollie.

I didn’t shoot this very well, but Jason slammed for this shot. So I gotta post it hahaha.
Jason Rivera - Rock & Roll

One of the more scenic ledge spots in Southern California. Although Cheeto was incredibly tired from huckin’ the day prior, he was down for the Front Tail.
Cheeto - Frontside Tailslide