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Feels good to be reunited with Dylan again. He’s always been one of the funnest dudes to watch skate. He back 180’d this behemoth 3 times for the perfect photo. (Even though my work is far from perfect, he seemed to like this one.)
Dylan Nahrwold - Back 180
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

John’s easily one of the coolest cats I’ve ever met. Super goofy and sarcastic, we’re basically two peas in a pod. He also happens to be a very talented skateboarder. He casually 5050’d this rail 4 times for the photo.
John Hill - Front 5050
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

You may recognize this fellow from a show called Eastbound And Down. Bo is an ecstatic individual and as friendly as can be. He also is quite the shredder on a skateboard.
Bo Mitchell - Wallride
Instagram: @jaycubphoto

All 4 wheels on the wall. Sonny drops in on an intimidating piece of concrete.
Sonny Rodriguez - Drop in
Instagram @jaycubphoto

My friend Nathan is studying abroad in Thailand for a year. This was the last photo I shot of him in SF. Which also happened to be the day his lease was up. That SF trip is full of good memories no doubt. Have fun buddy, we’ll miss you!

Nearly got into a fight with a local SF transient at this spot. He approached me incoherently and I tried to shoo him off and he ended up getting in my face. After going back and forth Aaron and my other friends in the back circled around the bum and he quickly backed away.
Aaron Wical - Frontside Photography

My friend Zach rips. This was an abnormal day, we just drove around Long Beach and ended up running into a few friends. One thing led to another and Zach went alley-oop over this bad boy.
Zach Doelling - Alley Oop Back Big

After chasing his board to save it from the water, Sonny slipped in and went neck deep into some good ol’ sewer water.

A new spot in town. Construction zones have always been a haven for interesting new terrain. I hit Jason up and he didn’t think twice about it.
Jason Rivera - Front Tail Fakie

Anonymous : How'd you become so successful with photography?

I wouldn’t say I’m successful, I merely chased after what I wanted. The best piece of advice I ever heard was that if you want to work for someone, just ask. And if they say no, ask again until they say yes. If you have persistence then you can easily make something for yourself.